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Majordog- Fish Bone.

Majordog- Fish Bone.

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The Major Dog Fish Bone is a retrieval and teasing toy with a difference. The knotted rope that is of a mountaineering quality is of a very high non-slip quality in addition to it being tear-resistant. It is also so flexible that it can be transported in a bag and stowed away without difficulty. With the attached strap, throwing it a long way is as easy as pie. Majordog products were developed in Sonneberg Germany, the Toy Capitol of Europe, through intense collaborative efforts between trainers and dog owners. All of the training items and toys are designed, tested and TUV-certified for safety. TUV-certified means that our dog toys have undergone and passed the same rigorous contaminant testing as a child‘s toy. Majordog toys are the world‘s first to do so. The toys are tested to human standards and do not contain toxic or harmful chemicals.

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