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Pet Brand- Corner Litter Tray W/Hood - Grey

Pet Brand- Corner Litter Tray W/Hood - Grey

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A modern and sleek corner cat litter tray. Made using high quality virgin plastic the cat litter tray is hard wearing and durable. Triangular in shape this litter tray saves space with in the household as this can easily be placed in the corner out of the way. 

Lightweight and easy to clean, the litter tray features a hood with overlocking mechanims that ensure not litter or mess can spill. At the top of the hood situates a hygienic filter as well to control odours. A cat flap is also installed within the tray to give you cat privacy

Neutral grey and white colourisaton ensure this durable, lighweight hooded kitty cat litter tray won't look out of place in your kitchen. 

Spacious Cat Litter - Dimensions: 45cm x 41cm x 60cm

Cleaning directions - Unclip the overlocking lead, clean with hot water and disinfectant

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