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PetEdge-TH E-Collar XL 12-17In Clr

PetEdge-TH E-Collar XL 12-17In Clr

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  • Safe & Effective
  • Soft , Padded Edges
  • Doesn't Block Vision
  • Lighweight for Easy Wear
  • Fits 12 ¼" – 21” neck

    The Remedy+Recovery line offers both Recovery Collars and First Aid relief. Since 1948 our laboratory has been studying and researching pet products to ensure the utmost quality and integrity.

    The Remedy+Recovery remedies are gentle, yet effective formulations made specifically for pets. Our drug manufacturing facility located in southern California is inspected, certified and licensed by the FDA.

    Rigid E-Collars offer the best all-around protection for your pets injury. Ideal for post-surgery or wound recovery, treatment of hot spots, breaking the itch-scratch cycle, helping your pet stop licking medication and end self-inflicting wounds. Our soft padded edge design and lightweight material makes this product comfortable for your pet and helps to protect your furniture

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