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Platinum Pets-Chain Training, Caribbean Teal

Platinum Pets-Chain Training, Caribbean Teal

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  • Brand: platinum pets
  • Color: Turquoise
  • Size: multiple sizes
  • One 2.5mm x 16 inch chain training collar
  • Gentle and safe training tool ideal for teaching dogs basic commands and leash manners
  • Hand welded steel links that are powder coated create a waterproof and rust resistant finish
  • Available in multiple sizes to accommadate a variety of ages and dog breeds
  • Your dog’s transformation from freewheeling pup to composed companion will happen in style with a training collar in your favorite color
  • The Platinum Pets Chain Training Collars are the ideal dog training tool. The hand welded chain links are powder coated in a variety of colors to match your pet’s colorful personality and help prevent rusting. Our Chain Training Collar will help you teach your dog leash manners by applying pressure when they pull during the walk. The pressure will provide a training correction and discourage them from pulling. Recommended for both personal and professional training and daily walks with large dogs or tough pullers. All training collars are meant to use only when the dog is accompanied and on a leash, not for tie-outs.








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