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Psittacus Hand Feeding High Energy 1kg

Psittacus Hand Feeding High Energy 1kg

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  • Brand: Psittacus
  • size: (1kg)
  • It's a continuation mush. It is designed to manually raise, from the moment the feather barrels emerge, those parrot species that require high-fat diets: yacos, macaws, poicephalus...

  • It contains the most suitable vegetable fat for these species: palm oil. It also contains papaya, which promotes digestive transit. 

  • Its use is recommended until the moment of emancipation. 

  • On average, parrots ingest 7 to 10 ml of food per 100 g of weight. 

  • It is advisable to ensure that an hour before each meal the baby's crop is completely empty. 

  • We advise supplying the slurry with a syringe with a soft probe made of virgin rubber or silicone. 

  • This is the method we use in our breeding center as it is the safest and cleanest. 

  • We recommend stimulating the animal by pressing the lateral corners of the beak to provoke swallowing movements, before introducing the probe.

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