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Psittacus Lory Gel 1kg

Psittacus Lory Gel 1kg

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  • Brand: Psittacus
  • size: (1kg)
  • These products have been designed to be supplied in powder or aqueous suspension to adult parrots of the Loriinae subfamily (loris and lorikeets).
  • The gel can also be used as a porridge for young animals. In its composition there are highly digestible components, specific to the loris' diets to achieve maximum quality and appetite.
  • It can be supplied dry or mixed with water.
  • It is advisable to provide simultaneously with the nectar.
  • Both products must be supplied simultaneously and separately.
  • If mixed with water, it is recommended that the resulting texture is creamy (neither liquid nor pasty)
  • We recommend supplementing the diet daily with fresh fruit.

Composition :

 Fructose, cereal grains, products and by-products of oil seeds and fruits, vegetable oils, pollen,

products and by-products of cereal grains, legume seeds, minerals, products and by-products of tubers and roots, dehydrated hibiscus flower, egg dehydrated whole, dried beer yeast, inulin (0.05%).

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