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Schesir Chicken with Aloe Wet Dog Food, 150g

Schesir Chicken with Aloe Wet Dog Food, 150g

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Description :

  • Brand: Schesir
  • size: 150g
  • Contains all nutrients, micro- and macro elements, vitamins and taurine necessary for the daily diet.
  • A tasty and healthy dish prepared from fresh chicken meat, with the addition of aloe.
  • For the preparation of Shazier feed, natural and ecologically clean products are used, without the addition of artificial dyes and preservatives

Composition :

Chicken fillet 51%, aloe 8%, sunflower oil 1.4%, rice 2%, vegetable jelly.

Nutritional Analysis :

Composition: protein 9.5%, fat 2%, moisture 85%, fiber 0.1%, ash 1%, vitamin A 2000 IU, vitamin D3 200 IU, E 10 mg/kg, copper 2.5 mg/ kg

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